Borawe (Rzekuń Parish, Ostrołęka County, Mazovia Voivodeship)

Written by Gisela Borawski-Hayes. Posted in Villages

 It must said that "Borawe" can also be identified as Borowa, Borawie, or Borowe.  There are several villages that bare the "Borowe/Borawe" name, however, the one to which we have interest is the village from which the first threeBorawski brothers (Dobiesław, Stanisław, and Mikołaj) were said to be from, Borawe near Ostrołęcka in the administrative district or parish (gmina) of Rzekuń.

However, it is known that in 1587, this small village came under the Goroworo parish (gmina) and remained there until 1827.  Thus remembering that in the year 1426 when the first three Borawski Brothers were granted land by the Janusz I, (a Duke of Mazovia) as well as being elevated to nobility (szlachty) status it is not certain as to what parish Borawe was under during this event. Thus, it is unknown if the three Borawski brothers were born in or near Borawe or if they were only hailing from there.




Borawe description near Ostrolecki, Poland