The Borawski Family Home

Joseph Dominic Borawski


Born:     4 August 1920 (St.Louis, MO, USA)

Died:     ?? ???? 1961 (St.Louis, MO, USA)    

Age:        41

Buried:   National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks in St.Louis, MO, USA

How:   liver

Married:     14 Feburary 1941 to Fern Evlynn Cody in St.Louis, MO location unknown

Occupation:   Laborer for the City of St.Louis, MO.

Hobbies:  unknown

Father:   Jozef Borawski

Mother: Stanislawa "Stella" Strziemeijowska

Information:  Last known address was 1308 1/2 Montegomery in St.Louis, MO.

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